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Robert Phillips Canberra Writer & Author of his novella Canberraesque about a futuristic post apocalyptic Canberra was originally written in random order as a series of short stories for a writers’ group that met at the ACT Writers Centre, of which he was Secretary for several years. He is also a member of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild, which hasn’t banned him yet despite his penchant for puns Robert Phillips is a Canberra Author and Writer.

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address: Lyneham Canbera ACT.

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Robert Phillips is an Canberra Author & Writer of Speculative Fiction based essayist and risk analyst who adjusts his written work amongst fiction and true to life. He has composed sci-fi plays and published several books, sci-fi and dream short stories, and comic drama draws for theater. On the verifiable side, he has composed written chronicled articles and avionics specialized papers, and articles on composing. His major true to life work is A Risky Life, which takes a gander at the dangers to which we are altogether presented from origination to grave.

Robert Phillips

Australian Writer & Risk Analyst in the ACT




Robert Phillips is an ACT based writer who balances his writing between fiction and non-fiction. He has written science fiction plays and novels, science fiction and fantasy short stories, and comedy sketches for theatre. On the non-fiction side, he has written historical articles and aviation technical papers, and articles on writing. His major non-fiction work is A Risky Life, which looks at the risks to which we are all exposed from conception to grave.



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  Post-post-apocalyptic society can be fun. In the 23rd century, as Gaia’s Curse starts to lift, Canberra is divided…

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