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Stress And Work

People often comment on how stressful life has become, trying to balance work with home, family, social activities, sport and other recreation and possibly study. It is therefore not surprising that mental stress has…

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Feline Tactics

Cats may be smarter than people. (Well, mine has outsmarted me many times). They have many tactics to ensure they get what they want. Feline theology tells them that the great Mama Puss placed…

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Elites And Financial Crises

A common complaint against the elites of our society (whoever they may be), is that during the Global Financial Crisis and its aftermath, they lacked sympathy and understanding for the plight of the masses…

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The Blog Of Blogs

This is the first blog I have ever written, so I really have no idea of what I’m doing, but one has to start somewhere. I thought I’d better begin by introducing…

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